Revealed: Brent Council executive salaries

Brent Council logoBrent Council –
Gareth Daniel, Chief Executive -£194000

Andy Donald, Director of Regeneration and Major Projects – £118,893

Sue Harper, Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services – £118,893

Clive Heaphy, Director of Finance and Corporate Services – £129,699

Fiona Ledden, Director of Legal and Procurement Department – £99,978.00

Toni McConville, Director of Customer and Community Engagement – £108,084

Philip Newby, Director of Strategy Partnerships and Improvement -£140,508

Krutika Pau, Director of Children and Families – £118,893

Alison Elliott, Director Adult Social Services – £108,084

Total pay of Brent council’s Chief executive and corporate management team:

plus we have:

Deputy service directors (pay scale £91,869 to £108,084)
– 15 posts

Assistant Directors (pay scale £70,254 – £108,084 to)
– 17 posts

Heads of Service (pay scale £59,445 to £86,466)
– 29 posts



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2 Responses to Revealed: Brent Council executive salaries

  1. Gaynor

    and don’t forget that those figures exclude pensions. TaxPayers Alliance rich list had Gareth Daniel at £249k including that.
    Can we suggest following Wiltshire’s example and saving the libraries by losing the CEO? 

  2. Library lover from Sydney

    It appears that if the 70 staff (listed above) were paid 15 thousands pounds less per year each, or the 41 Corporate Management team & assorted directors were paid 25 thousand pounds less per year, then the 1 million pounds for the 6 libraries would be available! 

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