Printable First Grade Math Worksheets

First graders are beginning to learn many important concepts like addition, subtraction, place value, telling time and calculating money. These math worksheets will help them practice these skills at home.

Printable First Grade Math Worksheets

These worksheets also encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They will help students apply their math knowledge to real-world situations and think of creative ways to solve problems.


Addition and subtraction are two of the most common math operations. They help children understand place value, counting and the equals sign.

Kids should be able to add single-digit numbers and double-digit ones in first grade. They also need to know how to subtract single-digit numbers and 10s.

Using visuals and manipulatives, this pack of printable first grade math worksheets helps students master addition skills without feeling like they’re “working”. Word problems, fact families and drawing are just a few strategies that make learning fun!


Subtraction is a fundamental concept in math. It is the inverse operation of addition.

These worksheets have single digit, two digit and three digit problems to help kids practice subtracting. These worksheets also have number lines and circles to help kids visualize the process.

They can also use manipulatives such as blocks to solve the problems. This helps them develop their skills while they are learning new concepts in the classroom.

First grade is a crucial time for introducing these essential math concepts to students. It’s important for them to develop these skills so that they can work with more complex operations in later grades.

Multiplication – Printable First Grade Math Worksheets

Multiplication is a mathematical process of adding numbers together repeatedly. It is one of the four basic arithmetic operations alongside addition, subtraction and division.

The symbol for multiplication is usually denoted by a cross sign (x) but other symbols such as asterisks and dot signs are also used.

Multiplication is used in many different industries and enables us to perform complex calculations quickly and accurately. It is important to learn how to multiply numbers correctly.


Division is the process of breaking a large number into smaller parts. It is denoted by a mathematical symbol, which can be an /, slash or a horizontal line.

When dividing, the dividend is written inside the division symbol and the divisor outside it. The quotient is then written above the dividend.

Long division is the most common method of dividing a large number into two parts. It breaks the problem into easy steps that students can follow to solve it.

Fractions – Printable Math Worksheet For Grade 1

A fraction is a number that shows how many parts of a whole there are. It also can represent ratios or division.

Fractions are a part of the decimal system. They consist of a numerator that is displayed above a line or before a slash (like 1/2) and a denominator that is displayed below or after that line.

The simplest way to multiply fractions is to simply take the numerator and denominator of each fraction and add them together. Simplifying the result, if possible, is another way to solve these problems.

Time – Printable Mathematics Worksheets For Grade 1

Time is an important part of mathematics, and first grade students can often have a tough time grasping it. Luckily, printable first grade math worksheets can help them develop these important skills.

They also provide a great way for students to practice these skills at home. These worksheets are designed for fun, and they will be sure to keep kids engaged and interested in their learning.

These 1st grade math worksheets focus on the basics of counting, adding, and subtracting, as well as basic concepts related to fractions, money, measurement and geometry. They also include simple word problems that reinforce these topics.