Attempts to board up library fail as children protest outside

Children protest outside Kensal Rise Library

Children have protested outside Kensal Rise Library, preventing it from being boarded up.

Residents have been outside the library all night.

There will be a library outside the library today – please come along and show your support!

Latest also from the Kilburn & Brent Times and Evening Standard.


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5 Responses to Attempts to board up library fail as children protest outside

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  2. CardFairy

    Good luck campaigners!  I wish you well.  I live in a Borough where all libraries are staying open – with slightly reduced hours – so feel blessed.  Save our libraries!!!

  3. Jim

    I ‘loaned’ a small sum to the fighting fund. From now on, consider it a gift. Keep fighting – youa re right in every way. Jim

  4. Paul Cardin

    Hi, please check here to see what else Brent Council have been up to – banning an ex-employee from making freedom of information requests:


    Appalling situation.Our rulers fail to see that the young are our 72 future. Capitalism  is in its death agony,surely, the EU will fail,and all  hell will break loose.Or maybe I am an optimist ! From a old aquaintance ! (Alan Keating ).

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