Second grade is a time of growth for your child as they begin to understand the relationships between numbers and how to use these concepts to solve problems.

Worksheets For 2nd Grade Math

Your child is also ready to introduce the concept of fractions and learn the patterns that lead to multiplication. This is a great time for kids to practice these skills and build a strong foundation that will help them throughout their school years.


Addition is the first of the basic arithmetic operations that kids learn in elementary school. It’s a skill that students can use to count money, do taxes, calculate prices and much more.

Second-grade students can practice addition facts using a variety of strategies, including adding mentally, writing numbers in expanded form and rounding. They also improve fact fluency with worksheets that allow them to practice regrouping with up to three digits of numbers.

Regrouping is a critical skill for long addition, so students will have plenty of opportunities to practice it with these free addition worksheets. Some of these worksheets require all steps to be regrouped, while others don’t.

Subtraction – Worksheets For 2nd Grade Math

Subtraction is one of the basic math skills that children need to learn as they advance through 2nd grade. It’s important to introduce subtraction to kids in different ways so they can grasp the concept.

Counting back in your head is a great way to help children understand subtraction, but there are also other helpful tools such as number lines. Encourage your child to start at a number on the number line, then hop as many times as needed until they get their answer.

A subtraction equation has three main parts – the minuend, the subtrahend and the difference. The difference is what you take away from the minuend.


Multiplication may seem like a daunting topic for kids, but these worksheets for 2nd grade math are designed to help them practice and build confidence in their skills. They are also fun and interesting, so they’ll be sure to keep their attention and help them build a strong foundation of skills.

STEP 1: Start Small – Use visuals to explain the concept of multiplication, like arrays or diagrams. Once students have a firm grasp of how to multiply a single number by multiples, move on to more complex math facts.

Using a variety of visuals helps children grasp this concept and prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by trying to learn all the math facts at once. Rather, break learning into chunks so that they can focus on just the facts that are most important to them.

Division – 2nd Grade Math Worksheets

Division is a process that helps us divide things into equal groups. For instance, if we have 12 donuts and want to distribute them among three friends equally, then we can divide them into 3 groups.

Second grade is a crucial time for students to develop their basic math facts, so they’re ready to start multiplication and division. These worksheets are a perfect way to practice the foundational skills that they need for future success.

With these worksheets, students will learn the steps for long division and practice using them to solve real-life problems. They will also improve their skills with quotients and remainders.

Math Worksheet For Grade 2 – Telling Time

Telling time is a skill that is important for every child to have. These worksheets will help kids practice their time-telling skills in a variety of ways. They are perfect for morning work, seatwork, math centers or stations, homework, assessment, and more!

Students can use these worksheets to learn how to tell time on both an analog clock and a digital clock. They will also learn to compare and sequence the intervals of time.

Keeping time is an important skill for young children, so it’s important to teach them about how the hour hand moves around a clock and how to tell when half of an hour has passed. Teachers can use games to practice this concept with students.