Our second grade math sheets are a great way to build basic skills and practice concepts your child is learning in school. They also provide a great opportunity for teachers to identify students who are struggling with a particular subject and plan lessons accordingly.

Second Grade Math Sheets

Our math fact worksheets include addition and subtraction within 20 as well as multiplication and division facts, if your student is ready for them. They also cover other topics like place value, measuring and estimating lengths, telling time by analog clock, and more.

Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction are the basic arithmetic operations that help students to improve their conceptual understanding of math. These 2nd grade math sheets help students practice these important skills with a variety of fun and challenging problems.

First, students learn addition through counting and identifying numbers in an increasing order. As they memorize these number sequences, they also begin to develop an understanding of one more and then one less, memorize addition facts and understand hierarchical inclusion.

Then they use these skills to solve a range of word problems. Second-graders must identify the math operation that is needed to complete each problem. This requires them to look for clues in the words and sentences of each problem.

Multiplication and Division – Common Core 2nd Grade Math Worksheets

Students can reinforce their multiplication skills with our fun and colorful second grade math sheets. These include multiplication sentences, multiplication and addition worksheets, skip-count equal groups and model division problems.

2nd-grade math worksheets can also help kids practice basic fractions and rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred or thousand. They can also use a calculator or a decimal calculator to calculate fractions and convert between different units of measurement.

Similarly, second-grade math sheets can help kids tell time to the nearest 15 minutes, five minutes and minute. They can also practice counting money, writing sums to a dollar, pounds and euros, using a tally chart and measuring in centimeters, inches or meters.

Having good concentration levels is critical for second-grade students to excel in math. If they are motivated to solve math worksheet questions, they will be more likely to pay attention to the operational signs that indicate the correct answer.

Second Grade Math Sheets – Fractions

Fractions are a key part of second grade math. These worksheets will help your student practice fractions in a fun way. They include basic fractions, equal parts, parts of a group/whole, equivalent fractions, compare and order fractions, and word problems.

These worksheets use visual representations to make learning about fractions fun and exciting. They give students a chance to color shapes so that they represent the fraction next to them.

There are also a number of’real-life’ questions that will challenge your students. These can be printed and used as a warm-up activity for the classroom, or they can be completed independently for home practice.

These ‘Math Buzz’ daily review practice worksheets are leveled for grades 1 through 5. They’re great for reinforcing basic concepts and practicing graphical problems.

Geometry – 2 Grade Math Worksheets

One of the most important math subjects, geometry is a tricky topic that requires strong visualization and conceptual knowledge. With the help of these geometry worksheets, kids can develop a solid foundation of this subject.

These worksheets cover basic questions related to geometry such as identifying shapes, vertices and sides etc. These are great for beginners who want to build a good base before moving on to more complicated problems.

This section also includes a collection of circle worksheets that help students learn the basics of calculating the area and circumference of circles. They can also practice finding the surface area of prisms, cylinders, rectangular pyramids, cones, hemispheres and spheres; and combined shapes.

This is a fantastic collection of geometry worksheets to support any 2nd grade math program. Each page is randomly generated, printable from your browser and includes an answer key. This is a great way to cut down on prep time and is perfect for distance learning or in-class work as part of a technology center!