January 2014 Update

Hi Everyone,

1. Negotiations about the library space
Following refusal of planning permission last September, the developer and his architect are submitting fresh proposals for the library building to the planning committee of the council. Negotiations with regard to the space reserved for the community have been on going since before Christmas in so far as we have been shown and have commented on preliminary drawings. According to the architect these were a ‘work in progress’.
The Trustees of the Friends of Kensal Rise Library voted to agree, in principle, to accept the offer of two thirds of the ground floor, contingent on seeing the final drawings and the developer’s planning application and also subject to an agreement being drawn up that would give an assurance that the Friends would be the tenants of the space in which to run a community library. We have also had the support of the Brent Council Lead Member for Libraries, Cllr Mashari, for this.
Both the College and the Friends contributed to an agreement document that was to accompany the planning application. However, this was not agreed by the developer.

The Friends do not regard it as appropriate to approve a planning application on behalf of the community without first seeing that planning application. Furthermore, they have so far not had an assurance from the developer that in return for their support their tenancy of the library space would be assured.


We have informed both the College and the developer that we have been unable to support a planning application in this way.


2. National Libraries Day Saturday 8 February 2014

National Libraries Day will round off a week’s worth of celebrations in public, school, college, university, and workplace libraries on Saturday 8 February 2014.

Here in Kensal Rise the community will be celebrating by coming to the pop up library and giving it a bit of care and attention. Sorting the books and getting the space ready for spring. Come and join in this community event from 11am.

More details about events for National Libraries Day can be found on the website www.nationallibrariesday.org.uk




Margaret Bailey

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Christmas carols at the pop-up!

Christmas Carols at the pop-up, Wed 18 Dec., 6pm start. Bring candles in jamjars!

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Hi Everyone,

We have received a communication from Mr Wolf Erdmann, architect for Mr Andrew Gillick, regarding the new proposals for the Kensal Rise Library building.

At the Trustees’ meeting of the Friends of Kensal Rise Library last night,  it was agreed that we have the basis for a constructive discussion. There’s still a way to go but it is a move in the right direction.

We will keep you updated with details and what we hope will be fruitful negotiations.

Maybe, hope, for Christmas?


Margaret Bailey

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Hi Everyone,

1. Fraudulent Support for Planning Application.
Good to know that the council have referred the matter of fraudulent support for the planning application to turn the Kensal Rise library into flats with a small space for the community over to the Metropolitan Police.
The campaign highlighted this matter to the council, and submitted two letters with details of  its investigation.
The council assured us that they would take the matter seriously and launch their own investigation.
Council officers have done so and have told us they found evidence serious enough to warrant a referral to the police.
Cllr Roxanne Mashari  member of Brent’s Executive and Lead Member for Libraries will keep us updated.
There is disquiet in the community that another planning application for the library is being considered while the police investigation is ongoing and we are looking into the legal aspects of this.
2. Public Consultation by Agents for Developer Andrew Gillick for Kensal Rise Library.
Nicholas Taylor and Associates, the agents acting for the developer Andrew Gillick, will be holding a public consultation in The Island pub in College Rd on Monday 18th November at 7.30pm.
They have sent out invitations to some Kensal Rise residents and also to the Friends of Kensal Rise Library – although anyone else from the community can and should attend. Brent councillors have also been invited.
They say:
As you will be aware, we submitted a planning application earlier in the year which sought the conversion and extension of the building to provide 7 flats and a community centre. That application was refused by Brent Council for several reasons.
The applicants have since instructed a new firm of architects who have taken a fresh look at the proposals with a view to addressing all previous concerns raised by both neighbouring residents, and the local planning authority.
Before submitting a new application to the Council, we want to present and discuss the new scheme with the local community. Accordingly, we invite you to meet with us at 7.30pm on Monday 18th November at, The Island, 123 College Road, NW10 5HA. The project architects will be presenting their latest proposals for the building and will be on hand to answer any questions/concerns that you may have.

The architect has told us that the drawings are still at the design stage. FKRL believe that the proposals as currently presented don’t yet meet the need for a sustainable community library and space and require further adjustment.

This event will be an opportunity to provide feedback to the architect about what you, the community, needs, so please make an effort to attend and make your views known.

3. For your information: usable floor space

1. Original Ground Floor space

 281.26 m2

Storage upstairs: Office 25 m2,Store: 13 m2, Staff area/Kitchen: 15 m2,  WC’s: 15 m2

Total usable space: 349.26 m2


2. Previous offer by developer rejected by planning committee September 2013

Floor space 176 sq m

Ground floor 107 sq m

Basement 69 sq m

Floor areas after deduction of area required for vertical circulation:

Ground floor 90 m2 + Basement 57 m2

Total usable floor space 147 m2 


3. New proposal November 2013 (based on developer’s architect’s figures)

Total 212.4 m2 

Ground floor 98.2 m2 

Basement 114.2 m2

GF: 70m2 Multi functional space (net)

25m2 Circulation, Entrance

LG: 70 m2 Multi functional space (net)

25 m2 Circulation, Entrance

22 m2 Circulation, Services (bathrooms…)

Total usable floor space 140 m2

(All Souls in November 2012 wrote to us to say that the floor space would be mainly at ground floor level, the latest proposal has more usable space in the basement)

So there will be plenty to discuss.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


Margaret Bailey


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An All-Soulless story for North London library

The Oxford Student



Codrington library pictureCampaigners have responded with frustration to comments made by All Souls’ College representatives about the future of the Kensal Rise Library Building.

Margaret Bailey, a member of the Friends of Kensal Rise Library (FKRL) commented this week on behalf of the group that they were “bemused” by the “contradictory” attitude taken by All Souls, who control the building, and developer Andrew Gillick towards how the building would be redeveloped.

The north-west London library closed in spring 2012, causing ownership to revert to All Souls by law. The college exchanged contracts for sale of the building with Mr Gillick, head of development company Platinum Revolver, on the condition that at least 1500 square feet of the building continue to function as a library.

The development plans have been the subject of serious debate at community level. Mr Gillick was beset by allegations that letters to the council in support of his planning application, made in September, were fraudulent. Mr Gillick denied knowledge of such letters at the time, but the council nevertheless refused planning permission for Mr Gillick’s first development proposal.

All Souls has also come in from criticism in recent days. When a Private Eye article alleged that the college had “reneged on its covenant” with Brent Council, the college issued a statement saying it “regretted” the closure of the library, and that it “[did not renege] on any covenant”. All Souls claimed that it was “under no obligation” to ensure that a library continued to occupy part of the building, “but it has in fact done so”.

In a letter earlier this month, however, All Souls say that Mr Gillick will, as “Senior Land lord…have final say in the matter” of how the building is used. This is in contrast to an assurance earlier in the letter that the college agreed with Mr Gillick that “a minimum of 1500 square feet” will be put to use as a library for the community.

It is this contrast, labelled “contradictory” by FKRL, that has reignited the ongoing struggle for control of the building. Ms Bailey’s statement takes issue with the ambiguity of All Souls’ approach. In the statement she voices concern that the agreement between the college and Mr Gillick could be “unenforceable”, resulting in a building “with no effect or benefit for the community”.

The FKRL group has fought a long battle to retain use of the library, having staged a protest outside the college in Michaelmas last year. The campaign has received significant media attention, and won the support of such names as Alan Bennett, Zadie Smith, Philip Pullman and Michael Frayn.

The library itself has a distinguished history, having been opened by Mark Twain in 1900, and funded in part by the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

All Souls is the third-wealthiest college in Oxford, with its financial endowment amounting to £245 million as of July 2012.

This article was taken from:



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Brent Council call in police over KRL fraud claims




Lorraine King, News editor Tuesday, November 5, 2013
12:18 PM

Council chiefs have called in the police over claims that emails supporting plans to develop an axed library branch were faked.

The action has been taken after an investigation by Brent Council into the allegations surrounding Kensal Rise Library concluded the case should be referred to detectives.

The council’s IT officers scrutinised the emails including IP addresses which are exclusive to each computer.

Cllr Roxanne Mashari, Brent Council’s lead member for environment and neighbourhoods, is responsible for libraries.

She said: “The council compiled a report after their own investigation and we have handed this over to police.

“Abuse of Brent’s planning system will not be tolerated.

“This has now escalated into a police matter and we await the outcome of the police investigation.”

In September, a council report added strength to claims by campaigners Friends of Kensal Rise Library (FKRL) that false statements were made against its fight to retain the Bathurst Road building for community use.

The report stated that when email notifications were sent to everyone who made a statement about the plans on the council’s website 78 were returned as being undelivered with 70 of those belonged to ‘supporters’.

Andrew Gillick, the director of Platinum Revolver Limited which took over the building from owners All Soul’s College in Oxford, hit back with claims that false objections against the application had also been posted on the council’s website.

He had applied for permission to convert the site into six flats, a cottage and a community hub but it was rejected by the council.

Margaret Bailey, chair of FKRL, said: “We applaud the action of our council and it’s willingness to take seriously this attempt to subvert local democracy and mislead the public.

“Our community is strongly against this development for the library building and these fraudulent emails of support for the development were an attempt to divide and denigrate this community.

“Fraud is illegal and we support a thorough investigation by the police.”

Cllr Mashari added: “We must keep our eyes on the end result of securing a community library at Kensal Rise.

“I am ready to work with the community and any stakeholder to ensure that this happens and that it is viable and sustainable.”

Kensal Rise Library was closed alongside Neasden, Tokyngton, Cricklewood, Preston and Barham branches by Brent Council in October 2011 to save £1million.

This article was taken from the Brent and Kilburn Times:



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Letter of the week in the B&K Times, 31Oct2013

Meg Howarth’s letter of the week to the Brent and Kilburn Times:

Dear Letters Editor,

It’s absolutely proper that no further planning proposal from Andrew Gillick should be considered by the council while its investigation in to claims of fraudulent emails over his original planning application is still underway (Kensal Rise library ‘developer’ accuses Brent Council of ignoring him’, 25 October).

What Mr Gillick should be complaining about is the time it’s taking town hall bosses to complete their inquiry. A report by planning officers more than five weeks ago stated that ‘a large proportion of the supporting emails appear to have been fabricated’ (Brent Council received a ‘high proportion of fake emails supporting Kensal Rise Library development plans, 18 September). It’s in the interests of the Platinum Revolver/Kensal Properties Ltd developer, as well as of those who oppose his plans for the fine Victorian building in Bathurst Road – one of Brent’s few historic sites – that this matter is resolved without further undue delay and the results of the investigation made public. Trust cannot be established on the back of a closed inquiry.
All Souls College, Oxford currently remains the owner of the site and building. A registered charity, it will surely be keen to avoid the embarrassment which could result from completing its sale contract with Mr Gillick before the long shadow of this affair has lifted – just as Brent has the democratic interests of its residents to consider. 


Meg Howarth
Twitter: @howarthm
The letter can be found on page 14 of the digital edition of the Brent and Kilburn Times:

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Letter from All Souls College and comment from FKRL

At the request of Andrew Gillick, the developer who has entered into a binding agreement with All Soul’s College to buy the Kensal Rise Library Building, and with the permission of the College who sent the letter to us dated 10th October 2013,  we are placing a copy of this letter on our web site.


While we welcome All Souls College’s indication set out under the second Paragraph of their letter of 10th October 2013, that they have reached agreement with Mr. Gillick  the Developer that, space of  a minimum 1,500 sq feet within the building will be made available for library use, we are somewhat bemused by the reference at Paragraph five of the same letter by All Souls College’s  statement that   “as Senior Land lord, he (i.e Mr. Gillick ) will have final say in the matter”.


We would therefore welcome clarification of this somewhat contradictory statement at the earliest opportunity by All Souls College, in particular, as to whether or not they consider their agreement with Mr. Gillick as to the minimum space referred to, to be binding and enforceable by them, as if, as stated by them, the final say rests with the developer, then the agreement referred to by All Souls College would be unenforceable against the developer by them and therefore of no effect or benefit to the Community”



Margaret Bailey

Letter to Margaret Bailey 10Oct13


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Private Eye magazine, October issue, page 28.

Private Eye logo

Lbrary news from an October issue of Private Eye magazine, page 28.

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Art, Fraud and Boards

Hi Everyone,
1. Celebrate ‘No to Planning Permission!’ with The Walls of Colour at the Pop up Library, Saturday 28th September 10am to 1pm.
To celebrate the refusal by the council to grant planning permission to put flats and a small space for the community in the Kensal Rise Library building  our campaign will be taking part in a Brent wide community art project.
We will have the opportunity to show what this community cares about with art!
The Walls of Colour

A project of orchestrated group oil painting, accessible to all ages and abilities.

Saturday 28th Sept from 10am to 1pm at the Pop Up Library.

The Walls of Colour is a collaborative painting project orgainised by Marion Mainstone & Beatriz Petri.

Works created will be exhibited as part of a large scale display totalling 5 metres sq to be housed in the new Brent Civic Centre, November 2013.

We will have cakes and drinks and will also be able to fill you in on what has been happening with the campaign. Bring cakes to share too.

Bring your arty selves and children and create a community masterpiece.

2. Fraudulent support for the planning application

We are expecting the council to pursue the origins of the fraudulent submissions of support for the planning submission as reported in The Kilburn Times and The Evening Standard last week.

http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/faked-emails-support-flats-plan-for-library-8829637.html. We have been promised an investigation and report as soon as possible.

Help us to keep up the pressure on the council to find out where this dodgy support comes from by writing to the Leader of the Council and your local councillors asking them to make sure the council makes every effort to find out who is guilty of this fraudulent support. We can’t allow local democracy to be undermined  by such abuse of the consultative processes of the council.

Leader of the Council Muhammed Butt cllr.muhammed.butt@brent.gov.uk

You can contact your local councillors by email:

Kensal Green Ward

Bobby Thomas cllr.bobby.thomas@brent.gov.uk  Claudia Hector cllr.claudia.hector@brent.gov.uk

James Powney  cllr.james.powney@brent.gov.uk

Queens Park Ward

James Denselow cllr.jamesdenselow@brent.gov.uk  Simon Green cllr.simon.green@Brent.gov.uk

Michael Adeyeye  cllr.michaeladeyeye@brent.gov.uk

Brondesbury Park Ward

Barry Cheese cllr.barry.cheese@brent.gov.uk   Mark Cummins cllr.mark.cummins@brent.gov.uk

Carol Shaw cllr.carol.shaw@brent.gov.uk

3. Boards for the campaign.

Daniels Real Estate, who have been long term supporters of the campaign are providing boards for us to promote the campaign and also to display our events. Show your support for the campaign by displaying one of these boards outside your house or flat. They will be the usual estate agent sized boards that are displayed on properties.

If you are willing to have one in your yard please email me at kensalriselibraryusers@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you again for your consistent support and hopefully see you on Saturday.


Margaret Bailey

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