July 2015 Update

July 2015 Update

1. New Hoarding at the library

You may have noticed the new hoarding that is going up around the library building.

This will replace the black hoarding that has been there for a while and will remain while the refurbishment of the building takes place. Hopefully only until next Spring/Summer when we hope the work will be complete and our library will be open!

The new owners, Uplift Property, plan to cover the new hoarding with contributions from within the community and which celebrate the campaign to save the library and the future library which will be run by the community.

Alex Green is the artist who will do the work which will include contributions of poetry from Year 7’s at Queens Park Community School. You can see some of his work here:


 The new plywood hoarding will be fixed (inside of the wall – so the wall can now be sat on again) in the next week or so and then Alex will take two weeks to paint the hoarding using stencils and freehand to present the text in a range of different ways.

Hopefully you will get to see and enjoy the work in progress. It also will give people a chance to get involved in painting a section of the hoarding themselves if they would like – nothing too difficult. Alex is hoping the community will come to the library on the weekend of 1st August between 2-4pm to help finish off the work.

Thank you to Mike Hulme, Head Teacher of QPCS, for organising the contribution of the students.

Volunteers for the Library

At the Open Day in June and at QPCS Summer Fair in July we managed to collect the names of over 120 people who wanted to volunteer their time when the library opens. This is a tremendous response and we thank all of you.

We will be contacting you all in September when we hope to begin a series of meetings to discuss in more detail the contributions you wish to make.

As we make the transiton from campaigning to save the library to learning to run the library we need a whole new range of skills and we believe that those skills are right here in this community.

We are particularly interested at the moment in working with people who have fundraising skills – if this is you and you think you can help please do get in touch.

The cost of fitting out a new library may reach £200,000 – or more, so we have some serious work to do if we are to give the community the library and public space it deserves.

We have proved we have staying power so I am in no doubt that we will achieve this aim – and the more of us that are working towards this aim the easier it will be to achieve.

Hoping to see some of you at the transformation of the hoarding in the next couple of weeks.


Margaret Bailey

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