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1. Fraudulent Support for Planning Application.
Good to know that the council have referred the matter of fraudulent support for the planning application to turn the Kensal Rise library into flats with a small space for the community over to the Metropolitan Police.
The campaign highlighted this matter to the council, and submitted two letters with details of  its investigation.
The council assured us that they would take the matter seriously and launch their own investigation.
Council officers have done so and have told us they found evidence serious enough to warrant a referral to the police.
Cllr Roxanne Mashari  member of Brent’s Executive and Lead Member for Libraries will keep us updated.
There is disquiet in the community that another planning application for the library is being considered while the police investigation is ongoing and we are looking into the legal aspects of this.
2. Public Consultation by Agents for Developer Andrew Gillick for Kensal Rise Library.
Nicholas Taylor and Associates, the agents acting for the developer Andrew Gillick, will be holding a public consultation in The Island pub in College Rd on Monday 18th November at 7.30pm.
They have sent out invitations to some Kensal Rise residents and also to the Friends of Kensal Rise Library – although anyone else from the community can and should attend. Brent councillors have also been invited.
They say:
As you will be aware, we submitted a planning application earlier in the year which sought the conversion and extension of the building to provide 7 flats and a community centre. That application was refused by Brent Council for several reasons.
The applicants have since instructed a new firm of architects who have taken a fresh look at the proposals with a view to addressing all previous concerns raised by both neighbouring residents, and the local planning authority.
Before submitting a new application to the Council, we want to present and discuss the new scheme with the local community. Accordingly, we invite you to meet with us at 7.30pm on Monday 18th November at, The Island, 123 College Road, NW10 5HA. The project architects will be presenting their latest proposals for the building and will be on hand to answer any questions/concerns that you may have.

The architect has told us that the drawings are still at the design stage. FKRL believe that the proposals as currently presented don’t yet meet the need for a sustainable community library and space and require further adjustment.

This event will be an opportunity to provide feedback to the architect about what you, the community, needs, so please make an effort to attend and make your views known.

3. For your information: usable floor space

1. Original Ground Floor space

 281.26 m2

Storage upstairs: Office 25 m2,Store: 13 m2, Staff area/Kitchen: 15 m2,  WC’s: 15 m2

Total usable space: 349.26 m2


2. Previous offer by developer rejected by planning committee September 2013

Floor space 176 sq m

Ground floor 107 sq m

Basement 69 sq m

Floor areas after deduction of area required for vertical circulation:

Ground floor 90 m2 + Basement 57 m2

Total usable floor space 147 m2 


3. New proposal November 2013 (based on developer’s architect’s figures)

Total 212.4 m2 

Ground floor 98.2 m2 

Basement 114.2 m2

GF: 70m2 Multi functional space (net)

25m2 Circulation, Entrance

LG: 70 m2 Multi functional space (net)

25 m2 Circulation, Entrance

22 m2 Circulation, Services (bathrooms…)

Total usable floor space 140 m2

(All Souls in November 2012 wrote to us to say that the floor space would be mainly at ground floor level, the latest proposal has more usable space in the basement)

So there will be plenty to discuss.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


Margaret Bailey


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