Letter of the week in the B&K Times, 31Oct2013

Meg Howarth’s letter of the week to the Brent and Kilburn Times:

Dear Letters Editor,

It’s absolutely proper that no further planning proposal from Andrew Gillick should be considered by the council while its investigation in to claims of fraudulent emails over his original planning application is still underway (Kensal Rise library ‘developer’ accuses Brent Council of ignoring him’, 25 October).

What Mr Gillick should be complaining about is the time it’s taking town hall bosses to complete their inquiry. A report by planning officers more than five weeks ago stated that ‘a large proportion of the supporting emails appear to have been fabricated’ (Brent Council received a ‘high proportion of fake emails supporting Kensal Rise Library development plans, 18 September). It’s in the interests of the Platinum Revolver/Kensal Properties Ltd developer, as well as of those who oppose his plans for the fine Victorian building in Bathurst Road – one of Brent’s few historic sites – that this matter is resolved without further undue delay and the results of the investigation made public. Trust cannot be established on the back of a closed inquiry.
All Souls College, Oxford currently remains the owner of the site and building. A registered charity, it will surely be keen to avoid the embarrassment which could result from completing its sale contract with Mr Gillick before the long shadow of this affair has lifted – just as Brent has the democratic interests of its residents to consider. 


Meg Howarth
Twitter: @howarthm
The letter can be found on page 14 of the digital edition of the Brent and Kilburn Times:

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