Letter from All Souls College and comment from FKRL

At the request of Andrew Gillick, the developer who has entered into a binding agreement with All Soul’s College to buy the Kensal Rise Library Building, and with the permission of the College who sent the letter to us dated 10th October 2013,  we are placing a copy of this letter on our web site.


While we welcome All Souls College’s indication set out under the second Paragraph of their letter of 10th October 2013, that they have reached agreement with Mr. Gillick  the Developer that, space of  a minimum 1,500 sq feet within the building will be made available for library use, we are somewhat bemused by the reference at Paragraph five of the same letter by All Souls College’s  statement that   “as Senior Land lord, he (i.e Mr. Gillick ) will have final say in the matter”.


We would therefore welcome clarification of this somewhat contradictory statement at the earliest opportunity by All Souls College, in particular, as to whether or not they consider their agreement with Mr. Gillick as to the minimum space referred to, to be binding and enforceable by them, as if, as stated by them, the final say rests with the developer, then the agreement referred to by All Souls College would be unenforceable against the developer by them and therefore of no effect or benefit to the Community”



Margaret Bailey

Letter to Margaret Bailey 10Oct13


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  1. Tussyisme2

    It’s not the size of the library space that’s being referred to in para 5 of All Souls’ (ASC) letter, I believe, but whether Andrew Gillick will offer the 1500 sq.ft minimum library space to FKRL or to another.

    Interesting to note that ASC will remain freeholder of the site, also that the bursar is assuming that planning permission will be granted. A presumption too far, perhaps? What happens, for example, if the ‘fraudulent’ emails business can be traced back to the developer? This raises the question of when the council will complete its investigation – ongoing now for more than a month – and publish the results in full? Democracy demands nothing less.

  2. Tussyisme2

    So Tom Seaman is being economical with the truth when he says in his letter, above, to FKRL chair Margaret Bailey that ‘…Mr Gillick [has] an unconditional obligation to buy’. He gives a fuller explanation of matters in the link below re Cricklewood Library, a position also confirmed by other recent correspondence from the bursar:

    ‘… Mr Gillick…the legal owner of the building…was bound by a contract to buy it on a certain date or face losing a large deposit’ (para 6 below):


    So if Andrew Gillick pulls out or is forced to pull out for some reason, he’ll lose his deposit but the buildings (Kensal Rise Library as well as Cricklewood) will remain in the ownership of All Souls. Not quite the nuclear war Mr Seaman specifies.

    The interesting question is what’s delaying completion of the contracts for both the Cricklewood and Kensal Rise buildins. Securing the necessary finance, perhaps?

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