August update

Hi Everyone,
The Kensal Rise Library building needs you now!
There is still time to register an objection to the developer’s planning application to put seven dwellings in the library building.
You can lodge your objection up until 9th September.
Below is the link to the Brent planning website:
 If you object to flats in the library don’t expect your neighbours to do your planning objection for you. You need to go to that Brent Council planning website and lodge in the strongest possible terms your objections to the library building being robbed from this community and turned into flats which will make the developer and All Souls richer than they already are.
The developer is trying to portray his act of providing a small ‘community hub’ as an act of generosity. The terms of his sale agreement with All Souls stipulate that an area has to be set aside for a library.
He is paying the College less for the building because of this agreement.
The developer has submitted his plans for the library building and the decision to approve or not will be made by Brent’s planning committee on 18th September.
If you need any help come to the pop up on the weekend or email me for guidance.
Margaret Bailey

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