Excerpt from Manorbier Castle Chronicles – Huffington Post blog

The following excerpt is from a blog on the Huffington Post by Celia Lyttelton:

“..I fell into conversation on the Bakerloo line from Kensal Green with an ebullient man about the demise of the Kensal Rise Library. Many have come to the Library’s defence including Zadie Smith and Alan Bennett and so should my father, who was a fellow of All Souls, the college that is selling the building to Platinium Revolver, an irish property company that sounds like a James Bond movie.  I shall have to galvanize my father to protest too ,  but it wont be easy to get him out of the door/London libary/ Daunts book shop/ restaurant/bath/ . It is monstrous that this illustrious college could stoop so low and deprive less rich communities of their right to read and have their own libarys….”

The full blog can be found at:  Manorbier Castle Chronicles

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