December update – Meeting on 7 Dec. with All Souls and Mr Gillick.

Hi Everyone,

1. We met on Friday 7th December with All Souls (the Bursar Thomas Seaman) Andrew Gillick the developer from Platinum Revolver and Sam Graham from Cluttons, All Souls’ property agents.

They have offered 1500 sq ft of the library to us rent free in perpetuity. That’s about half the ground floor space. In that space we will have to have the Children’s library, the Adults’ Library, Study space, computers, reception, storage, staff room and toilet. This space will also need to be used for fundraising activity for running the library. We will be meeting with the developer and architect as soon as possible to discuss this space.
Of course the developer has to have planning permission to put six flats in the library as presently the library is deemed D1 for community use. At a conservative estimate of property prices in Kensal Rise the Developer should make around a million in profit from the sale of the flats and All Souls should make the same. Although that is not information we have been given, the estimate may help to put in perspective the generosity of both the developer and the college to this community. We lodged a nomination with Brent council at the end of October to have the building listed as a community asset and All Souls and the developer were both aware of this. All Souls has not only made representation to the council opposing the nomination but also informed us that on 26 November they had entered into a binding agreement with Mr Gillick from Platinum Revolver to sell the site.
Brent has yet to advise us as to whether or not it will accept the nomination to have the building listed as a community asset.
We will have a public meeting where we will have the details of the offer and where you can decide whether or not to accept the offer from the college and Mr Gillick.
2. Carols at the pop up library.
Thursday 20th December at 6.30pm. Mulled wine, cakes and the sharing of festive cheer! Bring candles!
And strong voices of course!
3. Save Kensal Rise Library Christmas cards are on sale.
Patel’s shop (corner College Rd and Clifford Gardens). £5 for 10.
Margaret Bailey

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  1. One clarification – The space currently on offer is LESS than 1/2 of the ground floor space.  Closer to 2/5 if that…

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