November 21st Update – Meeting with All Souls College

Hi Everyone,

As you may know we met with All Souls College on Tuesday 20th November.

The College has made a revised offer to us and we will have a further meeting with them to look at the details of the offer.

No decision will be made until we have a public meeting where you will decide what we should accept.


Margaret Bailey


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  1. Peter Stroilov

    The New Carnegie Foundation could help to stop the closure of
    Kensal Rise Liubrary in the UK but we have been unable to make
    direct contact with the campaign leaders – either by phone or
    email, after many weeks of trying.

    Can anyone out there help us make contact with the Kensal Rise
    Library Group?

    Please call Peter Stroilov on 44(0)208 948 8980 or email us at


    The New Carnegie Foundation is supported by the Railroad
    Investment Group, Warren Buffet Foundatio and other charitable
    organiosations and we would like to help the Kensal Rise Library
    Action Group but have been unable to find their phone number
    or even their email address.

    Can anyone out there help us contact the KRLAG as time is now
    running short.

    Of course as a Library partly financed by Andrew Carnegie it
    cannot just be sold off, and we are prepared to take legal action
    over this – as we have done in Nevada & California with 100%

    Peter Stroilov
    New Carnegie Foundation
    0208 948 8980


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