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Hi Everyone,

I know this update is somewhat overdue and I apologise. A bit of a waiting game has been going on the upshot of which is as follows:

All Souls College1. Brent and All Souls
Brent says that All Souls has been pressing for a return of the buildings as the reverter has been triggered. This means that Brent no longer have to consider our proposal for running the library as All Souls now own the buildings and we need to deal with them.

(Of course Brent don’t say that they could have made a difference if they had agreed to consider our proposals and work with us and hadn’t challenged All Soul’s right to the Freehold of the land).

As of today All Souls is saying they would be ‘delighted’ if we could have worked out an arrangement with Brent for running the library so making the trigger of the reverter unnecessary and this has been their position with Brent.

As Mulder or Scully of ‘The X Files’ say, ‘the truth is out there’, and we’ll have to wait to be further enlightened.

We are asking Brent to reconsider its position and to accept our plan for running the library rather than giving the building to All Souls.
Brent Council logo

We expect we will have an answer to that pretty quickly.

And the upshot of all that is to ask you to have patience before we have to move on to the next stage of keeping our library in Kensal Green/Kensal Rise. And there will be a next stage.

We are not going to give up now and there are still options and your support will still be needed.

Department for Culture, Media and Sport logo2. Meeting of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport with representatives of the closed libraries in Brent.

The DCMS finally agreed to meet with campaigners from all the libraries and we were invited to make comments on the material that Brent submitted to the department about its Libraries Transformation Project.

Laura, from Kensal Rise Library, who did sterling work on putting together material from campaigners across Brent reports:

Just to let you all know (for those who weren’t there) that the meeting today with DCMS seemed to go fine. We met with three civil servants from the dept. They listened carefully to what we had to say, took notes, and said that they would go away and consider it. They also said they may speak to Brent again. They were not sure how long it would take to reach a final decision but we asked to be kept informed of timescales. Impossible to know what the outcome may be but at least we had a chance to put our side to some extent. A press release is being prepared and will be circulated.

Thanks very much to Laura and the other representatives for attending and speaking on our behalf.

3. The Pop Up Library
Kensal Rise Pop-up Library

The Pop Up Library still needs people to fill the roster.

This is especially important at the moment and now that the better weather is here (well, nearly) it is quite a nice way to spend an hour or two. You wouldn’t believe the highbrow discussions that occur there and even if you just fancy a bit of a chat, or sitting in the sun when it’s out with Rusty the library cat (world famous now), come and do your hour and feel virtuous. It’s also a good place to find out about what is happening. And help to maintain the cultural and intellectual standards of Kensal Green/Kensal Rise.


Margaret Bailey

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