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Residents outside Kensal Rise Library tonight

Residents outside Kensal Rise Library tonight

Hi all,

Firstly thanks to everyone who has supported the vigil outside the library (especially all the brilliant kids).

This support has sent out a very important message about how much we care about what happens to our library and community and its significance has gone beyond our own neighbourhood.‬

‪Lots of library campaigners throughout England have been heartened by our actions and we have received loads of messages of support.‬

Great stuff Kensal Green and Kensal Rise.‬

As you may know our legal team are in the process of lodging an application to  appeal the decision handed down by Justice Ousley on Thursday. We should know the result of this application by next week (possibly Tuesday). We would like to maintain a presence outside the library until then, not only to prevent Brent boarding up the library but also because our presence is sending out a powerful message.‬
‪ ‬
‪We really do care about our library and how much it means to this community.‬
‪ ‬
‪So, we need your support. For the next few days we need your help in maintaining a presence at the library. We need you there during the day for whatever time you can spare.‬
‪ ‬
‪If you can be at the library from midnight to 5am that would be fantastic.  We have people taking over at 5am.‬

Of course you are welcome to come at any time but midnight to dawn is when we really need help. I know this is a big, big ask but it is only for a few days.‬

If you do intend to come make sure you wrap up warm. IT IS COLD. We have a tent. There will be company. You could bring your car.‬

Kind souls have been supplying us with coffee and biscuits and chocolate.‬

If you find that request irresistible see you at the library maybe?‬

‪Regards and thanks,‬
‪ ‬
‪Margaret Bailey

Great write-up of the events on the I spy in Queens Park blog.


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  1. Stephen Fry on BBC 2 tonight:  ‘One of the first acts of the tyrant is to close libraries’.  Save Kensal Rise

  2. rita burton

    i used to li ve in clifford gardens, a short walk away from this wonderful building, i was always getting books out. i then went on to help out in the children’s library myself after school, and in the holidays, i was all of ten years of age. it is such a shame this has been allowed to happen, too much money is being spent i n the wrong areas.#it is so important for our children to go to the libraries. as is adults, great meeting places for all.
    so many children still leave school, unable to read properly at the age of 11. from a former resident of kensal rise. i was born and bred in the area..

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