Labour Party votes no confidence in Brent Council Executive

Brent Council is facing an unprecedented situation, as Kensal Green Labour Party almost unanimously passed a motion of no confidence in Brent Council Executive’s handling of the library closures, who have battled against their own constituents to raze half the borough’s libraries off the map.

Cllr James Powney, whose plans to dismantle Brent's libraries are facing growing criticism from all sides, as Brent Council admits young people will be particularly badly affected.

Meanwhile, councillor James Powney has hit back at residents across Brent, accusing them of wanting a poor library service because they are campaigning for their libraries to be saved, whilst claiming that his proposals to raze half the borough’s libraries are sound – despite Brent Council admitting that his plans will hit young people hardest and affect exam results.

In a survey run by the Harrow Observer, over 80% of respondents voted that Brent’s councillors should resign over their attempts to tear apart Brent’s library service.


We previously reported that the vote was unanimous. In fact, there was one vote against the motion, from Cllr James Powney. Also, the vote of no confidence was in the entire Brent Council Executive’s handling of library closures.

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