Brent Council concedes: library closures will affect A-Level results

Brent Town HallIn one of the most significant developments so far, Brent Council has announced that library closures would not happen until after the 2011 exam season – thus confirming that the proposed library closures will affect Brent’s young people and their studies.

The announcement appears in a report from the council:

At the Scrutiny Committee a number of delegations were heard, one of which was from the Youth Parliament. They expressed particular concern about study space during the 2011 exam season, and asked for reassurances about the availability of space. This resulted in a referral from the Scrutiny Committee back to this Committee. The Scrutiny Committee agreed the following recommendation:

The Executive to ensure that the existing Libraries or suitable alternative local premises continue to be available for young people throughout the 2011 exam period

This report is to confirm to members that no libraries will be closed until after the last ‘A’ Level exam, which will be on 1 July 2011. Accordingly, there is no need for the Executive to take any additional steps to address the Scrutiny Committee recommendation, as the existing libraries will continue to be available for young people throughout the 2011 exam period.

The report is available here.


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  6. Verona Beckles

    I don’t live in Brent at the moment but many of my family members do. As a child I regularly visited the Tokyngton library at Monks Park and did most of my GCSE and A’level study at the Brent Town Hall Library and studied for professional exams in Willesden Green library centre. Having lived around the country and visited many areas around the world, I can attribute my educational success in an environment which is generally not conducive to study, literacy and numeracy to not only the enthusiasm of my parents but to the fact I could walk to a library as I was growing up.

    It is important in these times of austerity to look to where it is possible to tighten the belt. However, closing 6 libraries in one borough seems excessive and will definitely diminish the future opportunities of the people of the borough. It is an extrememly short sighted strategy which would not be happening in a more affluent borough.

    Are there any plans for, at the very least, a mobile library service to cover the borough?

    Dr. Verona Beckles

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