Zadie Smith speech on Brent Libraries most talked about online

Zadie SmithZadie Smith’s speech on Brent’s libraries was one of the most talked about news stories online last week, coming a close second.

It means that most people online last week were discussing Brent’s proposed library closures.

The Pew Research Center for Journalism reports:

The number two story reflected the often international flavor of the blogosphere as commenters responded to a BBC Radio program in which British author Zadie Smith staunchly defended libraries. The famous author recounted her childhood in a flat surrounded by books even though her family was poor, thanks to the library. Smith’s local library was slated for closure for budgetary reasons and she spoke up to explain why this was a travesty.

Most of the response was from British bloggers agreeing that libraries are valuable to their communities.

Read: The Social Media Agenda – Pew Research Center for Journalism

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