Revealed: Library closures first proposed in 2004

A document has emerged which reveals that library closures were first being considered in 2004. The document, titled ‘A vision for libraries in Brent’ and published in October 2004, states:

Kensal Rise – a magnificent period building which was famously opened by Mark Twain … We would recommend releasing Kensal Rise for residential development.

The report also features a map of all the libraries in Brent. A line points to Kensal Rise library with the word ‘Closed’.

The relevant pages from the report can be downloaded here.


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4 Responses to Revealed: Library closures first proposed in 2004

  1. Laura Collignon

    I find this very interesting because the presentations at recent public meetings by Cllr James Powney and Cllr Ann John, leader of Brent Council, have been entirely along the lines that the library closures are something they are being forced into doing by central government cuts. A Q&A from the meeting at Queen’s Park Community School on 12th January 2011 (this is a note I took at the time): Q: Didn’t Labour try to close KR library in 2005? Answer from Cllr Powney: There was a Labour administration until 2006 and it is not true that the Labour party had proposed to close libraries. The LibDems are making a false statement [about this].

    • Claudia Hector

      This document was not written by Brent staff or councillors, neither was it acted on. When reports are commissioned there are often recommendations that are not implemented.

  2. Jeff

    The document wasn’t acted upon because the labour group lost control of the council. Now it’s being implemented word for word. Surprise surprise.

    • Willow

      Brent Labour are intent on closing the libraries and blaming it on the new goverments cuts, unfortunately a lot of people can’t see past this.
      Closing libraries is so UN LABOUR but not Brent Labour – this was their plan all along and as Jeff has just said- they lost control of the council in 2006 and this plan was stopped.

      Cllr Claudia Hector “This document was not written by Brent staff or councillors” – Do you think we are stupid or something of course it wasn’t the council employed a team of probably very expensive consultants to do it!

      Who else would have given the order to get that document put together – I bet it cost a lot of money – it just didn’t appear bt magic but I bet Powney and John wish it would disapear now.

      They had been running down the smaller libraries for years so this plan could happen.
      What exactly is their ulterior motive for doing this?
      The Civic Centre?