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  1. Joseph Golding

    Iv’e just heard the library is under threat. This is unbelieveable! Please tell me that the residents of Kensal Green and Rise will simply not take this lying down!

  2. I wish there was a movement to save Brent Town Hall. I see that the leaflet to save Kensal Rise Library refers to the new civic centre. There seems to be no understanding of the fact that the new civic centre is a replacement for 14 buildings, so the idea that abandoning the civic centre plan will save money, and stating that no one round here will use the new planned civic centre is not helpful. If anyone has any ideas for saving either the library or the town hall that is realistic about the financial side of the matter I am very willing to help. About 200 million is being taken out of Brent’s budget so this has to involve funding other than local government revenues.

  3. Ray Laurence

    Good luck with this campaign.

  4. Phil

    Update from Jim:
    “You probably know about the £100 milllion cost of the new “Civic Centre”. This will inevitably cost a lot more once it is built.
    Have you heard that Willesden Green Library and its large car park are to be sold off to a property developer under a Private Finance Initiative ? (as in Willesden General Hospital, Central Middlesex Hospital etc.)
    The Library will be demolished and then blocks of flats will be built on most of the site. There will be no library for two years and then a much smaller “library” will be built which will include ” multi-services”……. As is usual with P.F.I. ownership of the whole site will be in the hands of the property developer and all proceeds of sales of the flats will go back to the developer. Then the borough, i.e. you and me, will have to rent the “library” from the property developer for 25 years for a huge amount of money and then the “library” but not the vast majority of the site will be handed back to the borough.”

    • The Civic Centre is a repacement for 14 buildings, not an addition. Selling off or ceasing to pay rent on that number of builidngs is anticipated as covering the cost of the Civc Centre. I am fond of the existing Town Hall myself. Would anyone like to be shown around it?

      • John

        Jim is referring to Willesden Library, not the Civic Centre. This is the Save Kensal Rise Library website. You should start a Save the Town Hall elsewhere.

  5. Jim started with a refference to the Civic Centre.

  6. Save Kensal Rise Library! campaign

    Lobby the council executive!*

    These are the ten councillors who will decide whether Kensal Rise
    library will be shut down forever or stay open. It would be great if
    everybody could email all of these councillors. The best thing to do
    would be to compose your own email of why you feel the library should be
    kept open and then send it individually to each councillor addressing
    them by name (a group send will almost certainly be ignored). Try to
    engage in a dialogue by including at least one question or query that
    requires a response such as: Do you agree that a library is part of the
    fabric of the community? or Do you think it makes sense to close Kensal
    Rise Library down when Willesden library is about to be shut down for at
    least two years? And say why Kensal Rise Library is personally important
    to you, your family, and neighbours!





    *JIM MOHER *






  7. Phil

    Volunteers required to hold “Save Kensal Rise Library” placards before the Consultation Forums!

    Tuesday 11th January

    6.30-7pm outside All Souls Church, Station Road, Harlesden


    Wednesday 12th January

    6.30-7pm outside Queen’s Park Community School
    Please contact me if you can definitely make it. The more the merrier.

  8. yohan

    To Phil, I didn’t know and I am surprised and dismayed. Why is this being done and in whose name? The Willesden Library Centre is relatively new, why on earth do that to it?. Why are there people employed to come up with money saving schemes whose salaries would be better served maintaining open frontline, people facing facilities such as libraries. Services which keep alive a community and remind us of a civic spriti when most of us live from individual flat to individual job and back again. What about the fantastic, local bookshop etc? I can only assume that the people who are making these decisions are not from the local area or at least do not use and depend on these services, if they did there is no way they could consider closing them, selling them and renting them back etc. They are a heritage which we recieved and which we should pass on to our children. Aren’t these just the sort of convoluted schemes that banks have been responsible for that seem to generate short term profits ( and generous salaries and bonuses) only to prove later economic disaters that needto be rescued. Where do the councillors, officers, managers or directors publish their justifications of these ideas in order that we can see them and they can at some time be held accountable?

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